Our Mission

Wilminvest’s mission is to increase the self-sufficiency, health, and happiness of families in Delaware by providing reliable housing, connections to social resources, and support from the community.

Who We Are

At its core, Wilminvest advocates for the future of Wilmington and Delaware. Created by born-and-raised Delawareans, Wilminvest believes that all citizens in both the City of Wilmington and Delaware deserve access to affordable, safe housing. By investing in the success of our neighbors, we create more opportunities for homeownership and economic stability, therefore advancing our entire economy.


We started Wilminvest to shine a light on hope for Wilmington, the State of Delaware, and the community. Our team is working as hard as we can to provide quality housing and support to those in need. Unfortunately, we can’t do that alone. The reality is that there are too many families without a safe place to sleep, and plenty of vacant housing in Wilmington.

It’s always been a core value of ours that true impact can only happen when organizations from the nonprofit, private, and government sectors work together. We’re extremely proud of the work our partners have done to support not only the families in Wilminvest Homes, but the entire community. At all times unity is the most important part of impact.

That’s why we’re calling out to you. Whether you’re a community member, a community organization, a tradesman, or a real estate investor, there’s a place for you at Wilminvest. We’re always looking to add to our network that’s needed to ensure the proper transformation of blight into homes for families in need.

Our community needs hope, but it also needs housing. We invite you to join us by completing the form below. Until then, here’s to hope.


Joel Amin and Bryce Fender
Founders of Wilminvest

Investments You Can Believe In

We pride ourselves on our commitment to purposeful real estate development.

With the support of our investors, we’re able to create a better future for Wilmington, the State of Delaware, and all of its community members.

We believe we all have a responsibility to be good neighbors.

Here’s how Wilminvest acts on that value:


We provide affordable, safe, and secure housing for Wilmington residents.


Our resident-focused real estate is dedicated to ensuring that our tenants advance as individuals.


By working with social service agencies, we move our tenants towards purchasing their own homes and encourage economic growth for the entire community.


By renovating distressed properties in Wilmington, we beautify our city while creating greater opportunities for low-income residents to live in secure, thriving neighborhoods.

Join Wilminvest on our mission to create healthier neighborhoods.

Building relationships with our neighbors is at the heart of our mission. We’d love to learn more about you and discuss ways to get involved.