Support the Future of Our City and Our State.

With the support of our investors and partners, we invest in the future of Wilmington every day. Our renovations support the success of individuals, re-energize distressed communities, and advocate for the health of our city. The real estate we provide is paramount to the success of not only the families we house, but our partner social service organizations.

Our team is looking to provide housing for as many families, individuals, and veterans in Wilmington and Delaware as soon as possible. We constantly work with investors to provide additional opportunities for families in need. We’ve worked with Angel Investors, Community Development Financial Institutions, and we’re looking to work with Opportunity Zone Funds in the future. Whether you’re a real estate investor, a loan officer, or a real estate fund manager, we’re happy to talk with you.



Wilminvest’s mission requires partnerships from every aspect of the real estate industry. From working with realtors and government agencies to construction companies and social services, there’s always an opportunity to partner with Wilminvest.

Our passion for improving the lives of our tenants reaches every aspect of our business.


If you’re interested in investing with us, partnering with our mission, or learning more about us, please complete the form below. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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Building relationships with our neighbors is at the heart of our mission.
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