We believe that investments should have a purpose. That’s why we stand by our social impact investing model, which creates a profit while changing the lives of the most disadvantaged citizens of not only Wilmington but the entire State of Delaware.


Purchase distressed homes throughout Wilmington and Delaware.


Renovate our properties, effectively revitalizing the neighborhood while creating affordable housing options.


Reinvest our profits into purchasing more properties and reducing the number of Wilmingtonians and Delawareans in transitional, supportive, emergency, or rapid re-housing- housing programs.


Connect our tenants to social services that help them develop healthy lifestyles and eventually move towards purchasing their own home.

By investing in repairing vacant distressed homes, Wilminvest tackles both homelessness and city blight. Want to invest in the solution?

In the last US Census, over 25% of Wilmington residents were living in poverty. With poverty levels well over the national average and increased gentrification throughout our city, thousands of Wilmingtonians lack access to basic, affordable housing. Along with poverty and gentrification comes city blight, which exposes impoverished neighborhoods in Wilmington to economic and social disparities.

In Wilmington alone, there are over 1,700 vacant properties that contribute to blight and could be renovated to house families, individuals, and veterans in need.

By working hand in hand with high profile stakeholders such as investors, contractors, and social service organizations, we’re able to raise funds, purchase properties, renovate them, and ultimately provide shelter to those in need.

We align our mission with those of our partners to assure that our tenants basic needs are taken care of, starting with housing first.

Our process is described as Social Impact Real Estate Investing. We believe that landlords should have a social obligation to work with the government, non-profits, and the private sector to work towards the best interests of our community.

Prior to the Wilminvest Home, many families find themselves on the brink of eviction, staying in shelters, or even on the streets.

While in a Wilminvest Home, various resources, partners, and organizations are made available to tenants.

This has resulted in a 100% success rate in Wilminvest Tenants attaining self-sustained housing after a stay in our homes.

We’re transforming our city by both supporting those in need and transforming vacant properties.

Our Team

Founders Joel Amin, Bryce Fender, and Demetrius Thorn met in middle school at Conrad Schools of Science and formed a strong bond which proved to be a great foundation for success. This friendship and partnership continued as Joel and Bryce entered the Horn Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Delaware, where, with the help of the greater Wilmington entrepreneurial community, Wilminvest was born.

Wilminvest is a company for Delawareans by Delawareans, and our team has been recognized by The State of Delaware and the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation for our innovation and economic growth.

Joel Amin Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder

Joel leverages his degrees in entrepreneurship and technology innovation with a focus on real estate finance to evaluate Wilminvest’s investment opportunities, manage construction projects, and analyze discounted cashflows. His hands-on experience with real estate and project management through his family’s construction businesses allows Wilminvest partners to feel secure and confident.

Bryce Fender

President & Co-Founder

With life-long involvement in social entrepreneurship, Bryce uses his experience in leadership, organization building, design thinking, and collective impact to build Wilmivest’s portfolio, create experimental housing models, and collaborate with both investors and housing agencies. As a graduate of the University of Delaware, his knowledge of the Delaware market is far-reaching.

Demetrius Thorn

CFO & Co-Founder

As a University of Pennsylvania alumni with a dual concentration in real estate and management from The Wharton School, Demetrius ensures that Wilminvest’s projects generate high returns. His professional experience as a real estate analysis at some of the largest real estate investment trusts in the world makes him a champion for the success of both tenants and investors.


Join Wilminvest on our mission to
create healthier neighborhoods.

Building relationships with our neighbors is at the heart of our mission.
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